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Top 5 times when one needs to call a plumber


When it comes to home repairs, sometimes we need to step back and entrust the task to a qualified pro. While minor plumbing fixes might be handled by an average handy person, these are top 5 times one has to call a plumber to get the problem solved.

I can take care of it on my own. Can you? How many times did you try to fix a leaking pipe or replace a dripping faucet and made it even worse? Maybe, it’s time to admit that while some of the plumbing issues are totally possible even for a beginning DIYer or simply a handy person to cope with, most plumbing breakdowns and projects have to be done by professional.

Whether it’s a matter of time, safety, quality and durability, or the fact that unqualified repairs often lead to more significant issues and fixing expenses, it’s always better to spend your money on the services of a professional plumber to get the job done once and for good.

These are top 5 cases when you need to step back and hire a plumber:

1.Bursting pipes. Obviously, when the water floods your home, immediate repairs are required. Equipped with all necessary tools and supplies, plumbers will answer your emergency call and come to rescue without wasting any time on getting replacement pipes and tools needed for the job. They’ll make sure to deal with the problem at its root and eliminate further ruptures.
2. Clogged sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Well, you may try to deal with them with the help of the widespread unclogging liquid, gel or powder chemicals, which will, indeed, fix the problem for a short period of time. Unfortunately, they’re not designed to overcome major congestions. And, if you keep using them too often, you might ruin your pipes. Professional plumbers have special snake tools to fight these issues. They’re way more advanced than the manual ones you might see at the stores. And, if you hire a plumber to fix the clogging problem, you won’t have to experience all the ‘joys’ of smelly clogged pipes.
3. Toilet replacement. It’s important to get that done with the professional plumber’s assistance in order to connect all the pipes correctly and avoid major leakage issues. In addition to that, toilets are quite heavy, that’s why the part when you have to lift the entire bowl up and match the small holes on its bottom with the attachment screws on the floor base is not that easy to perform even for a qualified pro. So, if you don’t want to break your brand-new toilet and the tile of your bathroom floor, as well as hurt yourself during the process, entrust the toilet installation task to a local plumber.
4. Clean drinking water. This problem is related not only to the installation of water filters, which are essential in every single household due to the health issues but also to the tubing upgrades. The water system does go bad over time. Leaks, pipe contamination, and destruction will not only cause significant financial losses (higher bills due to the water leaks) but also lower the quality of drinking tap water. That’s why if you notice any differences in the way your tap water feels and tastes, or any suspicious numbers on your water bills, make sure to call a plumber (o post a request for a local plumbing contractor on to get your tubing inspected, fixed and upgraded.
5. Broken water heaters. Faulty water heaters will not only deprive you of relaxing hot showers but also impose house safety threats (short circuits, fires, floods, etc.). And, the worst thing is that you’ll never know what causes the trouble until you disassemble the whole thing to find the root of the problem. So, when your water heater refuses to function, make sure to call either a plumber or someone from the HVAC services to get it checked. In addition to thatPsychology Articles, try to schedule annual appointments to get your water heater cleaned from hard water deposits.

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