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Hot Tips on Painting Decoration



When you move into home a new house, you may choose some paintings for wall decoration. Good paintings can enrich artistic effect for your house. The problem is how to select proper ones. Here are some tips that can help you find satisfactory ones.

Painting art


Generally speaking, drawing rooms match large-sized pastoral or landscaping paintings with dense color and grand vision; dinning rooms suit food pictures with peaceful artistic conception; bedrooms suit with small-sized lively painting, study rooms with art works that you are interested in.

Painting frames

Chinese painting should be set in frames with fluent lines and dark color so that both of them can be unified in styles. Without frames, oil paintings are not complete art works. Glass covers are not in need, as oil painting are waterproof and dusts can be easily removed with cloth.

Painting lighting

A painting will come the best artistic effect only when light comes from its top, so you’d better place pictures on walls where it can get good daylighting. Natural light and artworks could be in unity, which makes works outstanding.


You are advised to put paintings away from the ground about 1.5 to 2 meters. For large pictures, you can place them close to walls; for small ones, you can hang them at high positions with 30 angles away from walls to meet best visual effect. You may want to hang 2 or 3 pictures on big walls.

Make sure their artistic styles and themes are in agreement. If they are closely related with each other, it could be better. They can be all about characters, animals or landscape, but not mixed ones. Painting frames should be made in same materials with same color, and this group of paintings could be in complete unity.

All in allFree Web Content, paintings can be good home decoration since you make proper arrangement.

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